Native Plants

Agrostis sp.

Our interests in the natural world takes a practical bent at Merlin Ecological through our ongoing efforts at habitat restoration, we continue our interest in native plants and habitat restoration and plant surveys.  We can conduct surveys on weeds, threatened and endangered plants, and native plant communities.  We partnering with our friends at Upstream Native on greenhouse and grow-out space, and will be establishing our own native plant greenhouses in the near future. Watch for updates as we start our wetland restoration growouts.




We conduct numerous field trials to maximize germination and success for our native plants–as can be seen here with Lupinus latifolia

Lupinus rivularis and Castilleja sp.


Pictured here are some of our successful growouts for use in restoration.  Above is rough bentgrass, used for lawns in the eastern US for environmentally and invasive-conscious clients.  Below we have pictures of river lupine, an easy to grow and beautiful native ornamental which does well in wet sites across most of the country.  We also carry a sister species which has been used in road decommissioning here in the pacific northwest.




Rare sedum species

We have conducted field work for taxonomic surveys in some of the most challenging terrain in Northern California–pictured here is a rare species of Sedum, and a sister taxa (below), which need clear keys for identification to reduce time and cost on Forest Service surveys and mitigation.

Photo for taxonomic characterization and reference.










Long term monitoring station and rare plant survey

In the next photo, we are conducting long-term monitoring surveys, with the Carex Working Group, for rare plants in the Coos Bay region.  Many wetland plants are  difficult to identify, and new weeds may become threats without ongoing monitoring.











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