At Merlin Ecological, we value our clients.  We work hard to earn their respect, and we believe it shows.  Our clients and collaborators include governmental agencies, public utilities, private engineering firms, non-governmental organizations and other ecological consulting companies.  Here is what a few of our clients have to say.


 DTE Energy, Detroit Michigan  


Tundra Swans at Waterfowl Bay

At DTE Energy, we hold environmental stewardship in high regard.  The reality we work with is that both financial and environmental objectives are important. We appreciate Caitlin’s ability to understand both.  She helps us find solutions that balance and meet multiple stakeholder requirements.  Caitlin’s data analyses have given us the rigor we need to defend our plans.

Caitlin demonstrates the ability to help us collaborate with government agencies such as the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and various state agencies that govern wind farm placement. We consider Caitlin a key member of our wildlife team. Clients who need an objective assessment of wildlife and its compatibility with wind projects will be well-served to hire Caitlin. The same is true for clients who need a strong communicator who can represent them well in front of stakeholders who value collegiality and a spirit of partnership, along with scientific data.

Matt Wagner, Manager Wind Site Development
DTE Energy, Detroit Michigan

Carex Working Group, Corvallis, Oregon

Nick Otting, Principal Botanist

The Carex Working Group is a natural resources consulting firm based in Corvallis, Oregon. We specialize in rare plant surveys and assessments. We are experts in our field, and we are careful to work only with other consultants whose work will enhance our own. In this regard, we have been very pleased to have worked with Dr. Caitlin Coberly.

In the field, Caitlin was an immediate asset who brought skills and background knowledge that we often don’t get from scientists who aren’t already experienced in our area. Her excellent grasp of ecosystem processes is essential in a field scientist. Caitlin is an immediate contributor, an enjoyable teammate, and a new source of expertise. We look forward to working with her and Merlin Environmental on future projects.

Dick Brainerd, Principal and Senior Botanist
Carex  Working Group, Corvallis, Oregon





Applied Ecological Services, Inc. Prior Lake, Minnesota

Proposed ND project


Applied Ecological Services (AES) is a broad-based ecological consulting, contracting, and restoration firm. AES is pleased to count Merlin Ecological among our trusted consulting partners.

Merlin Ecological is a strong resource for experimental design, species identification, data analysis and interpretation. Its principal, Caitlin Coberly, has done groundbreaking work to develop a collision risk metric.  Merlin Ecological is a highly capable scientific resource which is especially valuable because ecological work in the renewable energy sector is not as well-established as the science in other fields. Merlin Ecological’s scentific capabilities clearly differentiate it from the great majority of other environmental consulting firms.  We know we can rely on Merlin Ecological to deliver defensible data and analysis for complex projects.

Kim Chapman, PhD Principal Ecologist
Applied Ecological Services, Inc. Prior Lake, Minnesota

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